Sunday, October 19, 2008

There was no time

The pros and cons of going to Sweden.

The Pros 1. I would be closer to S and I might be able to get to him.
2. He might be able to come to Sweden.
3. I would be living with my family while waiting for developments.

The con ! How would we communicate. (apo NYC Would our letters have to go to NYC and then Europe or vice versa)
2. What avenues were available for traveling in Europe.
3. Would we be better off waiting for S's regular return to the States.

There was not enough time to wait for S's advice. One problem was getting from the West Coast to the East Coast. Civilians could not fly safely. There were many stories of people who had been dropped off in Timbuktu because a military needed his or her seat. A pink lady, who worked in my department and whose husband worked for Kaiser, said Kaiser had five reservations on every train leaving California. She would try to get me one of those seats. But we knew about the travel time across the country. I would have to make up my mind within hours. I would have to be in Sweden awaiting word from S. and it probably would be winter before there were news from him. Did I own enough winter clothes? I would take
one suitcase. I was sure I could fill it with adequate clothes. But I must bring presents for everyone. I remembered people with huge trunks who had come home from America when I was a little girl. They would open their trunks and out would come a cloud of naphthalene. I would be a disappointment to any small ones who came to see me open my small suitcase, for I had no mothballs and very small gifts.

Finally, after consulting with family I decided I would go. When I arrived in my state Room on board the ship, with only hours to spare, I collapsed into bed and didn't stir till next noon. The nerves I over used getting into NY, the wait for an available taxi, the long ride from Pennsylvania Station to the 57 street docking space for the ship almost killed me. And my conscience bothered me because I had had to leave the country without a re-entry permit. What had I done. Sleep was the only cure for all that.


Anonymous said...

No wonder your grandaugther is so adventruous! It runs in the family!

Haphazardkat said...

man oh man oh man. The things we do when young and...


vancouver, WA

Anonymous said...

Please post another story, I am dying to read more!!! It's been 4 days :(