Thursday, February 24, 2011


You may wonder why I am so sporadic with the blog. Just now I am trying to develop a project to work on during the Baseball season. I can't stand to sit and just watch. I must have my hands occupied. So I will tell you what I am hoping to create. I have a fairly large chest of drawers filled to overflowing with small amounts of yardage, used for Quilting and used in my Fake it in Fabrics. I want to see if I can use them in making a 6x4 rug for in front of the love seat. 

I am cutting, on the bias, pieces as long as possible and two inches wide. Then I sew them together. After that I iron them so they are two inches wide. And then I make them into 1/4 inches. Folding the raw edges into the mid line. In a sense I now have hundreds of yards of bias tape. I have enough to now try to braid them together and then to eventually sew the braids together in an oval rug. It has been done using yarn or heavy wool materials. My little stiff things may not lend themselves to a soft yielding oval. I now have enough material to test, If it works I will have the most colorful rug in the world. Wish me luck, please.

I had an interesting time this morning, or last night to be exact. I always listen to KGO from San Francisco at night when I am awake. At two Ray Taliafero(sp) came on and talked about how small our world is getting what with our instant knowledge of what happens in every corner of the Earth. And what could be the next big step in our abilities. He said please call in if you feel you are on the edge of something gigantic. And he waxed so yearning to know what might be next. I decided to call in. It took an hour to get anyone to answer the phone. And then it seemed to take another hour hanging on to the phone. Finally it was my turn. I told him I loved the beginning of the program, when he was musing about what might come next. And then I asked if it would be correct to call him Prehistoric. He got a big chuckle out of that. Then I told him about my historic grandfather who was born in 1838. In 1928 he sat in our kitchen, listening to a little radio my mother had bought that morning, and when he heard Admiral Byrd speaking from  the AntArchtic tears streamed down his cheeks. I was 8 and I was more impressed by grandfather's tears than the voice from wherever. I didn't know grown men could cry. It is now 5.13 and my Daily Coyote just arrived.


Barbara said...

Of course I wish you luck and success with your quilting project (and with anything else you want to do, too). Enjoy it!

spirou said...

You are the best Svensto, your project sounds fantastic,
and I know already it will look wonderful. Thank you for the lovely story about your Grandpa. Thank you for sharing what is real.

Anonymous said...

I love to read about your projects and stories from your past. Your memory is astonishing. Good luck with the rug. Please post a picture of it once you get it going.

Anonymous said...

My mother made rugs from the blue plastic bags that newspapers are delivered in. Sometimes she'd get yellow plastic bags from the other newspaper in town. She'd start at the end of the bag and cut in a circular manner, like peeling an apple. I still have one in my laundry room. The folks from her generation never wasted a thing.

Meagan said...

What a fantastic idea! You are so tremendously creative - I wish I had half as much talent. I love reading your posts. Please take some pictures of the rug as a work in progress and once you get it done - I can't wait to see how it turns out!