Friday, March 23, 2012

Christmas in March

The title might confuse you. I am living in a house that could have been arranged by Santa himself. However there is no fireplace nor a chimney. Everything else seems as though there is a lot of his spirit surrounding us. I will give you one example of how things happen around here.

The other day I said something about English muffins. Years past when we visited our daughter and son-in-law they knew Sam and I liked an English muffin with our morning coffee. I mentioned the word and within five minutes Bobby had dashed to the store and there were English Muffins in the house. He said he remembered how he always had put some in the larder years ago.

The day progressed and I was looking forward to the morning delicacies. Then I remembered that I did not own a toaster. I could broil them in the oven. But the broiler was so low in my gas stove. I thought about the waste of turning on that big thing. 'I will dash downtown to get a toaster. I said 'Martha, I am going downtown to OSH. (Orchard County Hardware). Martha said can it wait till tomorrow?' I said,' yes of course' And so the evening progressed. I was knitting and watching MSNBC. I had locked the doors. Just about ready to go to bed. The phone rang. Bobby said 'open your back door' I did. there was Santa Bob with a fairly large box. He had been downtown and just as the store was closing had found a toaster oven on sale. We all had a toasted English Muffin. They with cream cheese and honey and I with cream cheese and Fig Spread. What a fun party we had.

My good friend from Carmel visited s on the week end. She found that she liked the FAKE IT IN FABRICS I have hanging here and there. I gave here my MATISSE book and said pick one of his paintings you like and I will make you one. That meant shopping for some supplies I had just given away when I moved. But what fun I had finding them. I have begun. Bobby said he wants to take a photo of each step I take. So you may all find a new hobby.

Time to get dressed and to clean the cat box. Edgar has been a real prince in this move. The trip down in the car seemed easy for him. And now getting used to three almost feral cats that live in our gardens is a trial for him. He has been behaving well and I think in a week or s they will all be good friends.

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Anonymous said...

I think you'll have lots of neat surprises in your life in these coming days. The move was a wonderful thing!