Sunday, March 18, 2012



Anonymous said...

Hello! I love it. Your creative space looks perfect! And... is that Bob I see in the reflection? This is wonderful. Congratulations again on your new home! (p.s. the Blogger Recaptcha (character verification) has not been working properly -- which is probably keeping all of us from commenting on your posts.)

Anonymous said...

Hi Jane's mother!
I love seeing you in your new digs! I know you must be enjoying your new surroundings. The creative juices will be flowing!
Enjoy your new home.
Jane's friend

Anonymous said...

Loving all the pictures!


Anonymous said...

Love your creative space! I adore your new home and so very, very happy you are in it.


conny said...

What a nice creative chair you have :-)

Anonymous said...

Great place, I can see the sewing machine, what a happy place this is. So much light, you look happy.