Wednesday, March 14, 2012

So many friends and relatives.

We have been entertaining. Karin from Montana came to spend the night with us. She left an hour ago to drive to Monterey, where she and her friend Paul are spending Spring Break. Paul was not about to leave the friends from his Shark counting days but Karin enjoyed herself with her Aunt Jan Shaw. And Donna was here. She is the ex-wife of Michael Shaw, Sam's half brother. And a couple of others more or less related ones. We sat at the table for hours with the question: Do you remember.

This little house is big enough to seat eight people for lunch. So much fun. Tomorrow Janice is coming with her daughter Kathy and we hope they will bring pictures of Kathy's grand daughter. Janice is coming from Carmel and Kathy will probably drive from Los Gatos to pick her up. I have not seen either of them for many years. Looking forward to another 'do you remember'. Kathy and Martha met when they were younger than four years old.

I feel totally settled in. Bob and I have been to Osh every day since we came. Osh is a hardware store and a garden store and it seemed every morning we discovered that there was one or two things that we needed to be absolutely happy. There is one more thing we have to get. I need the motor to my coffee grinder. I saw one at Bed Breakfast and Beyond. ( I know that is wrong but it got me a good laugh.)

So tomorrow another adventure.

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Anonymous said...

We all want to come and sit down with you Svensto and hear all the stories.