Sunday, February 10, 2013

At last

The road became straighter and when they saw the outline of the church they knew they would soon be at the harbor. Mother speeded up her steps and luckily the road was slightly downhill.

They passed a large empty lot. Mother had heard that all the construction gear was for a Danish man who wanted to build a wind mill at that place. As we turned left at the next corner Mother said 'guess what we will see at the next corner. THE HARBOR.

There we could make out the lingon salesman and a couple of shoppers.  There were two sailing ships tied up in the harbor. A man was walking toward the activities from the right. Mother, that is Malte's father.

Aren't you lucky. Now you will hear about Topsy.

Mr Bernd, the black smith. obviously had come to discuss something with the lingon berry salesman. They were in a deep discussion about someone named George. When they were finished, the salesman could attend to Mother's wishes and I could ask what had happened to Topsy.

Is this your mother? Let's tell her too. The  cat is healing and can go home with you, when you are through with the berries. I now have a new patient whose name is George. He and the berries came down from lingon land on that 'skuta' in the harbor. They met heavy winds and waves when they entered Oresund. The owner thinks that George has a broken leg.

Down the hill came a great crowd. It was Blick's father pushing a wheel barrow and a crowd of girls. All Blick's sisters

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