Saturday, February 16, 2013


There were so many people gathered on the grassy
slope above the harbor.
Blick and her family, Mother Father, two sisters.
And the wheelbarrow.
Mr Berns, the black smith, the berry seller and two women who
also wanted to buy berries.
Everybody was talking at the same time.
Father with his strong voice spoke up:
One at a time. Mr.Berns, You first..

The horse is going to be fine. He hurt one of his legs in the
heavy wind as they came around the corner of southern
Skane. I have fitted him with a splint and if you can keep him
quiet on the way home tomorrow, he should be fine.
Mr Berns, how much do I owe you?
I will take three liter berries. What time will skutan sail.
Day break?

And then it was Father's turn. I will take 50 liters. Please
divide them equally in the two baskets. And Mr berns. How is our cat?
He only lost one of his nine lives. There was an angry infection near the
upper part of the tail. I am sorry to say that  Topsy is now tailless.

How much do I owe you, said Blick/ I have no money but I can work.
With a tiny hick up she added, there are some weeds near your front
door. I can also wash dishes.

Mr  Berrns said, Lets not talk about that now. It is going to
get dark before you get home. Let's go to get the cat.

topsy is now tailless

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