Tuesday, February 12, 2013


There was now a large crowd gathered on the little grassy plot above the harbor. Two or three women who were waiting for mother to get served by the berry seller. The berry seller paid no attention to mother for he wanted to speak to the blacksmith to find about his horse.Father wanted to know if Mother was ready to start for home. Blick's two sisters had to know if Blick had heard about her cat.

All were talking at the same time. Finally there was a loud voice heard.  Father said: Let's take turn speaking. I think that most important is finding out about the injured horse.

The horse is going to be fine. I have put a splint on his leg. On the return trip it would help him if you could keep him either lying down on something soft, or else tethered so that he can't move very much. The berry seller had a tear in his eye when he shook Malte's fathers hand. Then he said "How much do I owe you?"

I will take five liter berries.

Father said" My turn.  We will take 50 kilograms. Half in each basket. And then I need dto speak with Mr  Berns. We have a cat to discuss.

While this was going on Mr Berns, Father and Blick moved to the outskirts of the gathering.

Tell me, do we have a cat, or did he pass away.

The cat spent only one of his nine lives. There was an infection in the open area of his tail. I am sorry to say, he is now a tail-less cat. If you keep him clean he should recover.

Blick began crying when she tried to say Thank you. but the words came out with a hick-up. Then she said, how much do I owe you. I don't have any money, but if father will let me, I can work. There are weeds in front of your house that I could work on, or I could wash dishes if you want me to.

Father spoke up. If you are to work you are to take one of your sisters with you..

Mr. Berns said, we will figure it out later.  If you are to get home before dark, we better stop talking. Stop by on your way home. Try to keep the cat quiet on the wheelbarrow.

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