Friday, February 8, 2013

Don't walk so fast, mother.

Blick was almost running to keep up with her mother on the long way to the harbor. She was surprised her mother could walk so fast, for she was sort of old. And she was carrying the two large baskets. They were not heavy but uncomfortable to carry. And wait 'til they were full of lingonberries. Then they would be really heavy.

Mother, how soon can I find out about my kitty?

You will have to speak to  your father about that. It will be too late tonight to go to see him. When you go to bed tonight say a prayer that he will recover. Have you thought about how you will pay Malte's father for whatever he has done for the cat.

I have no money. but if he agrees to it, I can clean up the garden in front of their house. There are lots of weeds and junk there. And if Father lets me go that far, I could do other work for him, maybe.


Plot Whisperer said...
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Anonymous said...

I like your story very much. Thank you.